CHEESE project: Cultural Heritage Emotional Experience See-through Eyeswear

The CHEESE project involves a consortium composed by universities, companies and SMEs.

Aeromechs wCHEESE1pngon in 2014 a National project (PON), focused on Start Up assistance for innovative initiatives, related to the development of a new virtual reality device.

The main goal of the project it is to develop a new wearable device, specifically eyeglasses, for improved emotional experience during museum visits. The Aeromechs team work is about a crucial tasks, specifically the indoor localization of the wearable device in order to properly offer to the user the appropriate Augmented Reality contents. Aeromechs proposed a solution based on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons, small devices able to transmit a bluetooth signal. The information coming from the various beacons within a museuCHEESE2m room are elaborated by an Android app, running in background with respect to the app managing the Augmented Reality experience. The proposed solution has substantial advantages with respect to the current indoor localization systems, referring to its low-cost and low ambiental impact on the museum structure. The Beacons presence is completely transparent to the user wearing the Augmented Reality device, that is free to move inside the museum room while the app developed by Aeromechs calculates in real time his current position. The system will be commercialized before end of 2016, jointly with the other partners working for CHEESE project.


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